11 January 2024

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From 23 to 25 January 2024, Comipont takes part of the 50th edition of World of Concrete, the first and largest trade fair for the global commercial concrete and masonry industry, which takes place in Las Vegas.

Comipont is proud to participate in this great show that is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024. We are present at Stand N2844.

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What is the World of Concrete

World of Concrete (WOC) is an annual event that focuses on new developments in safety, efficiency and sustainability, across all concrete and construction field.

From 34 countries around the world, over 1,300 companies meet at the World of Concrete to reveal cutting, products, materials, technologies and machinery, defining future trends and creating solutions through innovation.

Many exhibitors belonging to various categories exhibit on an enormous exhibition area (700,000 m2):

  • material handling
  • technology
  • work trucks
  • materials and coatings
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Comipont brings its construction post shores to the WOC

Comipont offers a wide range of post shores  for construction to satisfy every type of working requirement. Entirely made of steel, Comipont’s post shores are a guarantee of:

  • quality
  • versatility
  • strength

Furthermore, Comipont post shores are comply with the American ANSI/SSFI-SH300 regulations.

The main categories of Comipont shoring post are:

  • Heavy duty Aluminum props, for high load capacities up to 20’ 6” 1/16
  • PUSA post shores, manufactured according to ANSI/SSFI SH300 2007 standard
  • Series ITALIA post shores: light and inexpensive
  • UNI EN 1065 Heavy duty post shores: Class B with covered thread
  • DIN EN 1065 Heavy duty post shores: Class A – B – C – D – E with external thread
  • Pull and Push post shores: 4 types differentiated according to the different capacity of loading and use

In addition to the classic models, upon request, Comipont also offers customized versions of post shores.

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Comipont aluminum post shores

Comipont aluminum post shores have a heavy-duty load (until 27000 LBS), despite being very light. Furthermore, they allow you to reach heights till 20’ 6” 1/16. They can be used either individually or connected to each other with junction frames to create shoring towers.

Comipont produces 2 different series of aluminum post shores with different load capacities:

  • 105 – Strong
  • 70 – Light

PUSA and PUSA HD Comipont props

The PUSA and PUSA HD post shores are made by Comipont in compliance with ANSI / SSFI SH300-2007 regulations.

Thanks to their structural characteristics, the PUSA and PUSA HD props allow you to reach a load capacity that until 11240 LBS.

In the PUSA HD version, the props are equipped with a quick release hook.

World of Concrete 2024: where and when

The 2024 edition, that is to say the 50th anniversary of the trade fair event, takes place from 23 to 25 January 2024 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)


The mission of World of Concrete 2024

The WOC serves as a hub to discuss emerging trends in the commercial concrete and masonry construction industry, with sessions highlighting compliance, safety, commercial and industrial repairs, as well as best business practices and project management.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, more than 50 new subjects will be introduced into the 2024 educational agenda addressing project-specific transformative techniques, such as the implementation of new materials and tools such as 3D printing.

During World of Concrete, industry professionals will be able to participate in certification seminars, interactive workshops and accredited courses.

Jackie James, Vice President of World of Concrete, said that “World of Concrete is undoubtedly one of the most important meetings for professionals in the concrete and masonry industry, acting as a nexus to foster growth, facilitate connections and cultivate excellence in the market.” And she went on to say: “the wealth of knowledge shared here, and the training courses, provide concrete and masonry professionals with the greatest understanding of future trends that are accessible nowhere else. They come to WOC to see the advances in technology that are continually evolving construction practice.”

The Comipont stand at World of Concrete 2024

Always attentive to innovations, to offer the best solutions to its customers, Comipont takes part of the 2024 edition of World of Concrete.

For over 50 years, Comipont has been a leader in Europe in the production of shoring posts, scaffolding and accessories for construction. All its construction equipment are safe and resistant, produced in full compliance with European regulations.

In our Stand at WOC 2024 (Stand N2844) we will be present with our post shores and various accessories for shoring.

We are waiting for you!

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