Props for building

For over 50 years, we have been producing premium construction props

Our wide range of construction props is designed to meet any work requirement.
Whatever it is: special support system, constructions or renovations. Our props, produced entirely in steel, guarantee quality, versatility and a long lasting resistance.
In addition to the classic models in the catalogue, Comipont produces a series of customized versions on request to meet the most specific needs.


Serie Italia props

Flate-plate, grooved plate and fixed cross

Puntelli PUSA

Heavy duty props DIN EN 1065

Class A – B – C – D – E uncovered thread

PUSA props

Produced  in accordance to ANSI / SSFI SH300-2007 Norm

 Puntelli alta portata UNI EN 1065

Heavy duty props UNI EN 1065

Class B uncovered thread

Puntelli Tira e Spingi


4 different types, according to different load capacities and uses

Puntelli in Alluminio

Aluminium props

For a height and payload over than 6,25m

Telai di collegamento per puntelli

Steel frame for props

To realize loading towers with pitch of da 0,50 – 1,00 – 1,50 – 2,00 e 2,50 mt

Eurocom System / Sistema di disarmo rapido

Eurocom System

Eurocom system used the drop head to maximise the resistance of props and beams