26 July 2023

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There are many types of props. In this article we are going to examine in details characteristics of these props and analyze factors to consider in order to choose the right one.
Shoring props, as one of the elements of construction equipment, are of vital importance because at the job site they offer temporary support during the work. For this reason, choice of the right prop cannot be underestimated.

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What are props, what they serve for and how to choose the right one?

Shoring props represent fundamental equipment which offer temporary support during construction or renovation work.
At a job site, their main purpose is to support weight at a certain pre-established height, individually or within the system of horizontal formwork. In practice, they are supporting elements which are used until the structure has reached necessary strength to be able to support itself.

Shoring props are, therefore, essential for the completion of a construction project.

How many types of props there are?

There is a wide range of props which differentiate based on type of material they’re made of, loading capacity, different heights.
Let’s check in more details principal type of props.


These are the most common characteristics of this type of props:

  • High load capacity
  • Durability
  • Excellent ratio value for money

Usually,  steel props are galvanized and they’re classified based on:

  • Load capacity: max 000 kg
  • Maximum height : from 1.5 m to 6 m

Steel is a material with high resistance which guarantees long life to this product.
Steel props are used for both, civil construction sites and infrastructures, as well as shoring elements for renovation of buildings.


Aluminum props are a little less common than steel ones due to the higher price. On other hand, they are light weight, with higher load capacity and can reach greater heights. These characteristics are very beneficial for markets where labor cost is higher because usage of these props speed up completion of projects. Using just few accessories, they can be connected in a shoring tower which can be used for highway bridges and many other applications.

Generally, these props are used in civil construction and/or infrastructure construction sites, where heights or loads are higher than those normally absorbed by steel props are required.


Old and primitive type of prop with very limited range of use. Nowadays they are used in less developed areas of the world and, in some countries, their use is prohibited.

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Which factors to consider in order to choose the right prop?

As already mentioned, there are several types of props. To choose the most suitable props for your purpose, various factors should be taken into consideration at the time of purchase or rental.

Let’s analyze them in details:

  • Load capacity which depends on a few different factors such as tube thickness and diameter, geometry of the prop, resistance on instability.
  • Active load to be calculated for each square meter of surface that the prop will have to support.
  • Height of the prop: bigger heights of the prop corresponds to the lower load capacity.
  • Minimum quantity of props for use. Value to be defined based on the active load and the load capacity at the specific opening height of the prop.

Comipont shoring props

Comipont provides for his clients wide range of props for construction in order to satisfy any type of working requirement. Comipont props are entirely made of steel, and guarantee quality, versatility and long resistance over time. In addition to the classic models, on a special request, Comipont also offers customized versions to meet the most specific needs.

Comipont props are divided into several groups:

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Do you have to choose type of prop for your project? Trust Comipont.

As you could see through the text above, choosing the right prop for your job site is not an easy matter. There are many factors to consider. We recommend – Trust Comipont.
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