26 April 2024

Push-Pull props, also called “stabilization props. They work in both traction and compression.
Indispensable for the stabilization of many structures during the casting phase, they are useful for solving various problems in the installation of vertical formwork. They are generally used on construction sites, combined with frame or beam formwork for the construction of walls, pillars and single-side walls.

What are Pull and Push props

The Pull and Push props are props that can perform double action: in fact, they work both in compression and in traction.

These are shoring systems necessary to support and stabilize, in maximum safety, many structures during the casting phase. I am able to effectively solve any kind of problem regarding the installation of vertical formwork.

How they are made

The Push-Pull props are made up of 2 sliding telescopic tubes, whose movement can be adjusted through a threaded ring nut and a pin placed in the holes of the internal tube.

It is precisely thanks to this structure that this type of props can perform a double action:

  • compression, like classic props
  • tension


Push-Pull props, due to their dual functionality, are essential for the safe support and stabilization of certain structures during the casting phase. They work under both compression and tension, effectively addressing any issues that may arise during the installation of vertical formwork.

Comipont Push-Pull props are both practical and adaptable. With the addition of special plates, they can be utilized and tailored to fit any formwork model available on the market. They are also highly beneficial for positioning pre-casted panels.

Types of Pull and Push props by Comipont

Making use of the most modern production systems and highly specialized personnel, Comipont creates 4 types of TS, which differ according to the different load and use capacities.

  • TSL – Push-Pull Standard model equipped with sleeve
  • TSDT – High duty Push-Pull equipped with sleeve
  • TSM – High duty Push-Pull with Single nut
  • TSH – High duty Push-Pull with Double nuts

All Comipont props are made with top quality and certified materials. Thy comply with the relevant reference standards.

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What are the characteristics of the Push-Pull props produced by Comipont

Here in detail are the characteristics of the PUSH-PULL props made by Comipont.

  • Internal tube with diameter 48.3/63.5 mm, in S235JRH steel in compliance with UNI EN 10219-1/2 Standards
  • External tube with a diameter of 56/60.3/76.1 mm, in S235JRH steel, in compliance with the UNI EN 10219-1/2 standard
  • Hook in S235JRH steel, with diameter 14 or 16 mm
  • Steel sleeve or ring nut + anti-hand- shearing device
  • Internal and external threading made by rolling
  • Shaped plates

Customized Push-Pull Props

To meet all types of customer requests and needs, Comipont offers customized Push-Pull props, featuring the following solutions::

  • internal tube anti-extraction device of internat tube
  • cotter pin
  • anti-unscrewing sleeve device
  • triangular push-pull system for fixing formwork to beams and frames

Triangular Push-Pull Props

Triangular Push-Pull props are used, and are particularly useful, for fixing formwork to beams and frames.

To obtain this particular model, the Pull and Push props are specially combined together using special plates.

We at Comipont create triangular push-pull props upon customer request.

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The Comipont Push-Pull props and the possible customizations

Do you need Push-Pull props? Contact Comipont, a leading European company in the production of props, scaffolding and building accessories for more than 50 years.

Upon request, we can customize various types of Push-Pull props with sleeve anti-unscrewing device, inner tube anti-extraction device, cotter pin and triangular models.

If you would like more information on our Push-Pull props or other types, please contact us.

Our specialized technical staff is available to offer you the best support in choosing the best solution for your needs.