Scaffolding Metal Board

Comipont Scaffolding Metal Board are made entirely with Italian steel, prodeced in accordance to the actual Norm and authorized from the Italian Minister

Safety is paramount! That’s the reason why Comipont has projected Metal Boards equipped with bosses on the walking surface and a safety hook interposed under the head. In this way, the risk of slipping is reduced, the boards are been firmly anchored to the scaffolding, to prevent them from accidentally disassembling.

The high-strength profiles are obtained from the assembly of galvanized strips by clinching and guarantee maximum solidity and rigidity of the decks.

The field of application are many, to the realization of stages and strand for shows and events, from the industrial warehouses, office and shop too.

The variety of our range of practical and functional boards, allow to build scaffolding with pitch of various length: 105180 – 250 – 300 cm.

Steel board

Steel S235JRH, galvanized, purchased in lots of 50 pieces, 50×180 cm DX

Code Dimensions Weight
TAV50-180DX 500×1800 mm 14,80 Kg
TAV50-180SX 500×1800 mm 14,80 Kg
TAV50-112DX 500×1120 mm 10,00 Kg
TAV50-112SX 500×1120 mm 10,00 Kg
TAV50-250DX 500×2500 mm 19,50 Kg
TAV50-250SX 500×2500 mm 19,50 Kg
TAV33-150DX 330×1500 mm 11,20 Kg
TAV33-180DX 330×1800 mm 11,40 Kg
TAV33-250DX 330×2500 mm 16,10 Kg
TAV33-300DX 330×3000 mm 18,65 Kg

Steel board with trapdoor

Steel S235JRH, galvanized, purchased in lots of 50 pieces, 50×180 cm DX

Code Dimensions Weight
TAVB50-180DX 500×1800 mm 23,70 Kg
TAVB50-180SX 500×1800 mm 23,70 Kg
TAVB50-250DX 500×2500 mm 33,00 Kg
TAVB50-250SX 500×2500 mm 33,00 Kg
TAVB65-180DX 650×1800 mm 28,00 Kg
TAVB65-250DX 650×2500 mm 35,00 Kg

Aluminum-playwood board

66×180 cm + stair, aluminium, playwood platform, purchased individually

Code Dimensions Weight
TAVAB65-180DX 660×1800 mm 22, 00 Kg
TAVAB65-250DX 660×2500 mm 24,50 Kg
TAVAB65-300DX 660×3000 mm 29,00 Kg

Steel toeboard

Steel S235JRH, galvanized, purchased in lots of 35 pieces

70, 105, 180, 250, 300 cm

Code Dimensions Weight
FER070 200×700 mm 1,80 Kg
FER105 200×1050 mm 2,30 Kg
FER180 200×1800 mm 4,50 Kg
FER250 200×2500 mm 6,30 Kg
FER300 200×3000 mm 8,00 Kg