Comipont offers you scaffolding to work in whole safely

Workplace safety is an inalienable achievement. That is why our scaffolding and our frames are designed to guarantee the highest standards of quality and resistance.
Extremely versatile, equipped with a wide range of accessories and easy to assemble and disassemble; Comipont scaffolding are totally safe and in compliance with the most stringent safety and worker protection regulations.
Available in different modules and with maximum variable load, all scaffolding are made of steel: to ensure a long resistance and durability.


Scaffolding with bushes

Modules: 1,05, 1,80 e 2,50 mt ; maximum load: 300 daN/m2

Ponteggio a Perni

Scaffolding with pin coupling

Modules: 1,05, 1,80; maximum load: 300 daN/m2

Ponteggio a tubi e giunti

Tube and couplers scaffolding

Tube Ø 48.3 mm – Lenght  da 0,50 mt a 6,0 mt



For all type of architectures, service stairs including