Comipont 3: Multidirectional Scaffolding & Service Stair

Rely on us: the best modular system who has all the Italian and European authorizations

Comipont 3 is extremely versatile and lends itself to adapt to any requirement.
It lends itself to many uses: from the construction sector to the industrial sector, from aeronautics to shipbuilding, from Oil & Gas to the realization of stages and grandstands for events and shows. They provide awide versatility of use which makes them ideal for all type of installations.

Made entirely of S235JRH steel, according to the Nork UNI EN 10219. Rigorous quality standards, high quality raw material and experienced manufacturing, makes Comipont 3 particulary solid and reliable.
Thanks to the treatment of hot-dip galvanization, this Modular system guarantees over time the maximum protection and resistance from the atmospheric agents.

Combined with frame scaffolding, it allows to realize loading towers with frame scaffolding.
Comipont 3 -Multidirectional are perfect for the recovery and maintenance of churches, monuments or archaeological site where it is necessary a great flexibility of the renforcement schemes, in the sector of bridges and viaducts with suspended or traversable structure.

Service stair

The structure is realized with steel and aluminum components to ensure the maximum protection and resistanc.  Suitable for any climatic condition!
The elements of Comipont multi-directional scaffolding, combined with the aluminum ramps, allow the creation of stair towers. The Stair towers, can be integrated with other types of scaffolding, or can be used singularly.

à The plan dimensions of the structure are 150×250 cm with an interstorey every 2 mt. The Access ladder, with aluminum structure has a width of 61 cm.
The internal handrails and the top sides, guarantee ergonomy and maximum security.

According to the different uses and spaces available on the spot, we can realise two different models:

  • Unidirectional stair , one-sense oriented ramps
  • Bidirectional scale ,air with ramps that can change direction at each floor